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Leading distributor of thermoplastics

Gazechim Plastics UK offers a wide range of engineering thermoplastics and commodity products.

A member of Gazechim Group, Gazechim Plastics UK is a partner of the world’s largest producers and offers a complete product portfolio suitable for all markets in 12 countries in Europe.


Product of Gazechim plastics UK

Commodity polymers

› Commodity polymers

Commodity polymers can meet a wide range of applications in all sectors (packaging, cosmetics, medical, construction, automotive, electrical, industrial and consumer goods ...). The addition of specific additives can improve their performance significantly (compounds).


› Specialities

The specialities are designed for applications requiring excellent mechanical, thermal, electrical, flammability, or chemical resistance. They cover a wide range of sectors (automotive, electrical, building, sport and leisure, industrial parts, medical etc ...). Some product families are transparent and are particularly suitable for the optical market.

High performance polymers

› High performance polymers

Developed to meet the most critical constraints, these polymers have exceptional features. They are found in the most sensitive applications requiring mechanical properties, thermal, fire resistance and chemical superior to other polymers.

Thermoplastic elastomers

› Thermoplastic elastomers

Thermoplastic elastomers are characterized by their elastic behaviour, tactile and visual properties as well as their ability to be moulded onto other polymers. They offer a wide range of hardness and have very different characteristics.

Masterbatches, Colours and Additives

› Masterbatches, Colours and Additives

Colour Masterbatches are used in dilution in polymers in order to colour them. Additives, mixed into polymers improve their intrinsic properties.

Maintenance products, Purge

› Maintenance products, Purge

Maintenance products are designed to help the release of thermoplastics from injection moulds, lubricate, clean and protect tools (moulds). The purging compounds provide cleaning sets screws / sleeves, nozzles and in some cases hot runners when changing colours or materials, enabling productivity gains.